D&G Men's RTW Fall 2010 / MFW-Day04

If there’s one place everyone takes license to look a little silly, it’s the slopes. D&G liberally applied that sense of carefree fun to its ski-inspired romp.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana started with the marshmallow silhouettes of snow gear, but in strictly earthy colors and loads of Nordic knit - even for puffer jackets. Pom-pom hats, Mickey Mouse T-shirts and clumps of dangly trinkets all dialed up the cuteness.

Maximal layering was slowly whittled down to showcase leather bombers, suits and chesterfields of velvet or wool, and thermal underwear. For the “black tie” finale, formal attire was as much of a lark as the rest, worn in combination with black-and-white ski gear.

© by WWD / Photos by Davide Maestri

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