BCXSY’s Coat Rugs

By Andreas Kokkino

BCXSY's Re-skinned

Our favorite Israeli/Japanese, Netherlands-based design duo, Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto of BCXSY, are at it again. The high-concept-centric designers, whose light-up swing lamp was on the cover the spring 2008 issue of T Design, came up with their latest project, Re-skinned, while wondering what happens to discarded leather and fur coats. They felt that throwing out the old coats was disrespectful to the animals whose skins made the garments.

After some serious thrift-store digging, Cohen and Yamamoto found some likely candidates for their repurposing effort. In their experiments, they found that when the garments were disassembled and laid flat, their backs resembled traditional animal-skin rugs. Each rug is backed with felt and stamped with the BCXSY logo and a serial number for authenticity. At their introduction during Dutch design week in October, some of the rugs were snapped up by Rossana Orlandi for her
renowned design store in Milan. And people have already approached Cohen and Yamamoto with their own coats, hoping to take them home again as rugs.

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