Marina Goes to Hollywood

We have exclusive images from the set of Marina and the Diamonds' new video for single 'Hollywood' as well as personal picture captions from Marina

Photography by Kasia Bobula

Marina and her invisible but clearly audible diamonds have been stomping their way through 2009 and 2010 looks set to be an even bigger year for the pint-sized songstress as she prepares to release her debut album 'The Family Jewels' in February. To round off 2009 though, Marina and the Diamonds plays around with the American dream in her new video for single 'Hollywood', directed by Kinga Burza. Dazed contributor Kasia Bobula was on set to capture all the magical moments and if you click through to the image gallery on the right, Marina has also kindly captioned the images personally. We also grab a few words from director Kinga Burza on what it was like working with Marina.

How did you come up with the treatment for the video?
Kinga Burza: The track is fun, the lyrics are cheeky and so I just wanted Marina and her friends to genuinely "obsess with the mess that's America" whilst having an amazing time on set. It's a classic pop video which I hope will make her audiences fall in love her even more, perhaps crave a little popcorn and feel inspired to dress up for fun. It's not to be taken too seriously.

What was it like working with Marina?
Kinga Burza: Marina was sincerely the nicest, easiest artist I've ever worked with. She was a natural in front of the lens, always exuding an excitable, youthful energy that in the end intoxicated my whole crew. Everyone was so mesmerised by Marina's genuine coolness and beauty, it gave our set a little bit of magic on the day. I've never worked with someone so sincerely happy to dress up, perform for the millionth time and roll with all my suggestions. She's going to go a long way, I think!

What are your ideas of the American dream?
Kinga Burza: Well I'm a Polish girl, going to America next week......

Marina and the Diamond’s debut album The Family Jewels will be released on February 15 . Her new single “Hollywood” will be released February 1.

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