Donna Karan Makes A Foray Into Film with Christina Ricci

Text by Rosemary Feitelberg

Christina Ricci in “Four Play” for Donna Karan

Christina Ricci’
s next appearance will not be on the silver screen but in a Donna Karan-friendly short called “Four Play.” Directed by Jake Sumner, the son of Sting and Trudie Styler, the flick features the actress in four different scenarios — the dreamer, the paramour, the expressionist and the voyeur. Ricci appears primping, dancing, spying and lounging in various stages of dress and undress at the Soho Grand Hotel. The spot revolves around the designer’s pleated leather Eldridge bag, which can be worn four different ways.

The Donna Karan Co. partnered with People’s Revolution and the creative agency All Day Everyday to produce the two-minute short, which will be posted online. People’s Revolution’s Kelly Cutrone said, “For years, I have been a big believer in the idea that designers need to create and control their own content so it can’t be stolen or looted as it is at fashion shows. Let’s face it: Anyone at the end of a riser can take that footage and do anything they want with it.”

Her company and All Day Everyday also teamed up with DKNY for another short that centers on the DKNY Cozy sweater. Director Kai Regan, who has worked with Comme des Garçons, Nike and Shepard Fairey, among others, was brought on board to try to bring this fall’s Cozy ad campaign to life. Fourteen models — wearing the Cozy in a variety of ways — marched all over the city with Regan’s camera trailing them. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs provided their “Heads Will Roll” tune for the film. One version will be used in DKNY stores and another will be uploaded on DKNY’s Facebook fan page, uploaded on YouTube and provided to bloggers.


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