Dean Sidaway's Shoulders

Shoulders are the physical embodiment of power, of confidence, and of domination. Those at the top stand head and shoulders above the rest; the unlucky ones shoulder the blame, and there are those who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Shoulders are transformed in battle, commerce, and glamour to show intention and purpose, attack and threat, influence and ascent – and now, they are transformed once again...

Dean Sidaway focuses on the strength and vulnerability of the shoulders to redefine their role upon the body creating innovative organic shoulder-pieces from naturally sourced and inspired materials. Each piece serves as a pocket of memory, romantic wings evoking the nostalgia of the past.

The Central St Martins MA graduate draws on experience gained within Calvin Klein, Clements Ribeiro and work at internationally renowned fashion publications to present his first solo presentation. Embracing artisan techniques, each piece is handcrafted from unexpected decorative materials. Tailoring and pad stitching sit aside blown glass and ceramics whilst canvassing of soft Melton and horsehair is contrasted against the hard coldness of keys, pins, and wrapped chandelier crystals.

The pieces are not merely an aspect of the garment; they stand alone as adornment, as artwork, as sculptural epaulettes – finding form only upon the body. The exaggeration of the shoulder through artificial construction, manipulation, and distortion has changed - Dean Sidaway presents a more organic, wholly emotive approach to the shoulder-piece.

ATLAS Simeon Featherstone for Dean SidawayATLAS  Simeon Featherstone for Dean Sidaway


CHIP Tim Leaversuch for Dean SidawayCHIP  Tim Leaversuch for Dean Sidaway


COLD  Charlotte Sale for Dean SidawayCOLD  Charlotte Sale for Dean Sidaway


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