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The mysterious Russian lord of techno (no, don't run away yet) on Turbo Recordings opens up (a bit) to Flora

Text by Flora Wong

A core member of the Turbo Recordings crew, the elusive PROXY aka Evgeny Pozharnov has long been paving the blog-road from electro to techno, with a breed of dubstep influences to create 'party techno' much celebrated in the club scene. Hailing from Russia, his releases were raved about worldwide months before release, with DJs everywhere playing his much-copied (cough, Marseille, Dilemn, Polymorphic) heavily compressed, side-chaining techno. Creatively sampling Robocop in '40 Seconds' to animes in his last single 'Who Are You', he also enjoyed the huge success of 'Raven' the club hit of 2007 / 8, which was a pretty large feat considering it mostly consists of horrible, horrible noises. Turning his hand to remixing, he puts tracks by everyone from Peaches, Tiga, Boys Noize, Digitalism and Moby through his PROXY machine and absolutely destroys them. Daringly abrasive yet consistently catchy, his tracks are instantly recognisable featuring his distinctive production techniques and trademark breakdowns. With his latest release '8000', cutting up sitar samples into an apocalyptic nightmare, we hope to see his abum soon. So good.

There is no information on you because you have the hardest name to Google. Do you like this level of anonymity that I'm about to ruin?
PROXY: I prefer things this way. You have to be into Proxy to find anything. It is your reward.

What inspires you to make really noisy music?
PROXY: I could say that this is because I have led a hard life in Russia, but these words mean nothing. I survive. I excel. That is all.

What kind of toys did you play with when you were a child? Compressors?
PROXY: Hahah. I remember having Transformers. Also, reindeer.

I heard you smoke the Davidoff Classic, a fine cigarette. Do you find your international DJ lifestyle allows you to pay for such extravagances?
PROXY: This one of the few cheap things in my country. Cigarettes and human life. I just like the design of the pack.

Some of your music carries heavier 'dubstep' elements but they seem to be dying out, was this conscious? Were you into 'dubstep' at the time?
PROXY: Love dubstep! It is absolutely my kind of music! To me, dubstep comes from D'n'B. No family has no ugly member.

What are you listening to now?
PROXY: 'Sunday Shoutin' by Johnny Corporate.

If you weren't making music, what would you be doing?
PROXY: Making music. I don't see myself doing other work. I have not tried to be what I am not.

When for the love of God is your album out?
PROXY: Soon enough!

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