Boy of Girl Mixtape

Paul Mogg of Boy of Girl gives us a mixtape that takes us through his musical influences

Paul Mogg from Boy of Girl, the duo formerly known as Moon Unit gives us a one hour music fest that recounts his influences: "I guess that all music one way or another influences me and what I do so to narrow that down in a one hour mix is a tough one. This is a selection of music from a certain period in time."


1. Brooklyn Express - Change Position (Disco Mix by Tee Scott) - Produced by Began Cekic a Yugoslavian in New York and released in '82, I think this was a mash-up of two songs but I’m not sure what the original two songs are. It was mixed by Tee Scott, a New York DJ legend of that time, heavily involved in the disco scene.

2. Paper boys - Music

3. Steel Mind - Bad Passion - Essential poppy electronic disco classic from Italy. I always had the felling this was from some crazy psychedelic 80’s fantasy movie but unfortunately it's not.

4. Capricorn - I Need Love - Released on Delirium as was Steel Mind’s Bad Passion this Italo gem became a classic in Chicago and Detroit where it was heavily influential on the early house/techno productions. I think the instrumental version still sounds as fresh as ever but I must confess I do love the vocal.

5. International Music System - Non Line Dub

6. Klien & M.B.O. - The Theme - A favourite of mine.

7. New Musik - The Planet Doesn’t Mind/24 Hours From Culture - What must have been at the time and still is today a very original sounding 12” from GTO Records, reminiscent to Berlin’s rhythm n sound label.

8. Milton - Love is Like a Violence

9. The Creature - The Creature

10. Patrick Cowley - Get a Little - Released on his own Megatone label in 81 and sounding like his hero Giorgio Moroder this song for me was the perfect mix of the late period disco and early synth pop.

11. Prince - All the Critics Love You - Taken from his ‘1999’ album I always loved this kookie little song from Prince. “Look out all you hippies, you ain’t as sharp as me. It aint about the trippin, but the sexuality”

12. Mathematiques Modernes - Disco Rough - Great French New wave track from 1980, really don’t know anything about them but I was a huge fan of that groove. Always thought it should have come out on New York’s ’99 Records’.

13. Material - Secret Life - The first time I heard this was many years ago when Carl Craig played it on a radio show where he was featuring as a guest. The band came out of New York’s anti-musical no wave scene in the early 80’s. Funky pre house grooves from Mr Bill Laswell’s gang.

14. Section 25 - Inspiration - Not such a well known Factory Records release but this is one of my favourites. Sounding like they were trying to bridge the gap between the electronics based new wave of the early 80’s and the quickly developing indie dance movement of the mid 80s.

15. Anna - System’s Breaking Down - I have a real soft spot for this one. The sound of gentle collapse. Lovely music and, oh, so sad.

16. P Shelley - Witness the Change

17. Kraftwerk - Sex Object. (Bootleg version, Belgium only issue funk track 4 kraft) - If your interested in electronic music then who doesn’t include a Kraftwerk song as an influence. This was a version of ‘Sex object’ that never got released. Heavy on the live bass and more funk than the usual Kraftwerk sound.

18. Cybotron - Alleys of your Mind - This 7” came out of Detroit in 1981 and was written and produced by Juan Atkins and Richard Davis under the name Cybotron. I think it's safe to say that this was the beginning for Detroit Techno as we know it today.

19. Tony Cook and the Party People - On the Floor (Rock-it)

20. Desperate for your Love 80s Italian bootleg - I know nothing about this one, it appears on a bootleg album that came out in Italy in the early 80s.

21. Camino del Sol - Antena - At the time this song/album came out in the early part of the 80s it was massivly overlooked and only recently started receiving the credit it deserves. Beautiful Belgian pop music.

Single "Hot Chocolate Boy" out now.

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