Acid Washed (Paris, France) Q&A

The secretive production duo are mixing cosmic DFA sounds on French Record Makers

Text by Flora Wong

The latest signings to Record Makers, Acid Washed are crafting cosmic disco party tunes, as additionally produced by Xaver Naudascher (DFA / Supersoul) with remixes from Blackstrobe and Gavin Russom. Remaining mysterious, they claim themselves to be a primarily two-man process creating a combitnation of filter house and DFA disco via a collection of close friends and analogue equipment. This idea of collaboration is paramount to Acid Washed, holding a list of musicians with labels and artists such as Gavin Russom (aka Black Meteoric Star), Christian Kreuz (Get Physical), Arnaud Rebotini of Blackstrobe, Turzi (Record Makers), Barbara Panther, and Christophe Chassol (Sébastien Tellier, Phoenix) waiting in line.

WHAT'S… special about you, then?
A: We know where we’re going, everything’s under control! The man and the machine.
R: What’s really special is the quality of our DJ set. We build it properly in order to literally kill the dancefloor. People are freaking out in ways we’d never seen before, even as average clubbers. Aside from that, it’s our faces. You’ll never see them, until you come to see us. Until then, Anthony Burrill is our face.

...your worst vice?
A: I’m a maniac.
R: Accumulating vices.

…the story behind your name?
A: We were thinking about a name for this project to do with vintage gear (machines, clothes...) and somebody came up with Acid Washed.
R: It was a friend of ours, Jennifer, who works as a stylist. She said, “I love acid washed jeans, especially vintage acid washed vintage jeans”. Then she said, “By the way, you should call your music unit like that, that’s chill!” And I guess, we just did.

...the world coming to?
A: To love us!
R: It’s a 1926 silent film featuring Stan Laurel. It’s a good one.

...your worst fashion secret?
A: Expensive deodorants.
R: Our name.

...your favourite website? the top of your shit list?
A: Bills...
R: Paying all the bills.

...are you listening to now?
A: The remix Gavin Russom made for us.
R: Our next remix of DatA.

...dream did you have last night?
A: I was spinning, spinning and spinning!
R: None, because we were out until the sunrise, and that was a dream.

How would you describe your work?
A: Timeless & epic.
R: If DFA made love to Daft Punk, we would be their secret, crazy and beautiful lovechild.

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