Vivienne Westwood S/S 2010 / PFW / Day three

If there’s one thing Vivienne Westwood could never be faulted for, it’s having a dearth of ideas. The Queen of Punk’s collections often come with so many that she needs to spell them out in a detailed program. This season, everything from ecological concerns to abolishing the “consumer treadmill” vied for attention with the mere clothes. She even pinned messages to models urging the audience to wise up to the environment and cheekily to “get a life.” Other slogans were printed on the garments themselves. Obviously, Westwood wanted to get political and provocative, while indulging her own sense of fun. As for the clothes, they were exercises in indulgence, too. Chaotic prints decorated dresses, a ruffled opera gown was cut dangerously high in front and long in back and knits came ripped and disheveled. One of the designer’s more interesting looks used bands of fabric to fashion what came very close to resembling a diaper. Not exactly an easy style for just anyone to pull off.

© by WWD / Photos by Dominique Maitre

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