Rem the lamb / Designer Christian Vivanco

Rem (means brake in dutch) is an exercise that reflects an intense research about interaction with the object created, where its configuration answers to an invitation to touch, to experiment and play.

The clear inspiration based on components used in bicycles was not the starting point for the development of the product; the real beginning emerged trying to find a pretext for the binding (connection) of 2 functional items that never faced each other before, 2 systems that work without any problems in their environment and were able to carry a fluid conversation within this new space.

the handle used on bicycles since its inception came to my mind as a classic example of a component that works with the proper way to satisfy, without going beyond functionality, and achieved to stay in people´s memory like an iconic and silent element.

The classic cylindrical shade used for standing lamp was the perfect canvas to express this new interaction.

So many details, such as respect to dimensions, diameters, textures and materials used in the existing elements promote a faster and easier interpretation, where the user can read the object
in a straightforward way, without deception or possible misinterpretations.

At the end of the exercise we found a balanced outcome where the lamp remains as a lamp without a change in it silhouette, user-centered and focused to generate emotions.

© by Christian Vivanco

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