Dutch Design Week report

Text by Benjamin Kempton

The eighth annual Dutch Design Week took place last week and Wallpaper's Deputy Interiors Editor, Benjamin Kempton, was our envoy. With more than 1,500 exhibitors in 60 different locations across the city of Eindhoven there was plenty to take in, proving Dutch design, at times too conceptual or whimsical for many people's tastes, is currently booming.

Return’ spinning wheel, by Gerdiene van de Pol, Design Academy Eindhoven

‘Pop-Up’ table, by Katinka Versendaal, Design Academy Eindhoven

Hot-Water Bottle,’ by Wendy Legro, Design Academy Eindhoven

‘Second Skin’ bookcase and lamp in one, by Rene Siebum, Design Academy Eindhoven

‘Shape/Form’ cutlery by Lukas Peet, Design Academy Eindhoven

‘Een Menselijke Maat’ 25-piece tableware service of dishes and plates based on the content and colour scheme of artist’s body, by Digna Kosse, Design Academy Eindhoven

‘Forgetfulness’ series of chest of drawers, by Stijn van der Vleuten, Design Academy Eindhove

Dancing Vases’ by Robin Van Hontem

Concrete jewellery by Kaleidow

Maquettes and sketches of future projects in Joost van Bleiswijk & Kiki van Eijk’s studio

Performance as part of the ‘Take On Me Take Me On’ exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum

Poster design for the ‘Take On Me Take Me On’ exhibition at the Van Abbemuseum

The Design Studio Atelier NL showcase their new work as part of the Dutch Design awards in which they are nominated for Rado Young Designer Award

Studio Libertiny show photographs of ‘The Weldgrown Void’, a mushroom-shaped metal pouf, as part of the Dutch Design awards in which it is nominated for Best Product.

‘What We Play Is Life’ lighting installation, by Merijn van Essen, as part of the Talent exhibition at Designhuis

Paper hare sculpture as part of the Paper Zoo exhibition at the MU gallery

Collection of vessels and flasks by Andrea Trimarchi & Simone Farresin, Design Academy Eindhoven

‘KP107F’ porcelain dishes by Eva Gevaert, Design Academy Eindhoven

Table light by Tatsuo Kuroda, Design Academy Eindhoven

Table lights, by Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders as part of Dutch Invertuals

‘Conversation Chair’ by Wandschappen as part of the Art Meets Design exhibition at Galerie van de Water

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