Cy Choi / Introducing

Cy Choi is a new label by Korean designer Chul Young Choi. Choi studied art and fashion in South Korea as well as Italy, before relocating to Milan where he lives currently. Cy Choi debuts this spring with a collection entitled “Boundaries and Cutout”. The range is an extension of Choi’s intense research going into the collection. Inspired by the work of three artists, he came to appreciate the 3-dimensionality of garments that could be worn and appreciated in various ways from different perspectives. Choi’s three muses helped him come to this direction: “El Lisstzky for the construction of the garments, Henry Matisse for the deep exploration of the meaning and the technique of the cutout, [and] Chris Johansen, whose work has inspired the physical postures of the presentation of the collection.” At the center of Choi’s collection is the idea of a crack that literally separates space or works conceptually to highlight the area between both traditional and modern design. Ultimately, the Cy Choi man is the blending of these two worlds.

© by Cy Choi

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