Boudicca's Tornado Dress

Brian Kirkby and Zowie Broach of Boudicca create an installation at Matches' Notting Hill Gate store around their temperamental garment.

Boudicca has created a unique installation in Matches' Notting Hill Gate, store which tells the story of the development of a sculptural dress called "The Tornado" dress, held in the central window to present the inspiration for this project, whilst the A/W 09 collection is show-cased alongside the installation.

The concept for the project came about when Boudicca wanted to document the process of The Tornado dress throughout the whole year. The story began in January 2009 with their thoughts, an essay and a web presentation for couture being the starting point, moving on with some of these sculptural pieces that were presented in their showroom in Paris last March and then again at the Arnhem Fashion Biennale in June. They then collaborated on a film by Ben Bannister - which is currently playing inside the Matches window which marks the final point of this Tornado journey.

Bridget Cosgrave, Matches' Fashion & Buying Director's interest in the project led to the collaboration where Boudicca were looking for a way to say something beautiful without necessarily going high-end in production, and so they ended up at the opposite end of the spectrum with materials like paper, cardboard and paint.

The Tornado dress is like a 3D sketch on paper, whereby each time you put it up, the lines are slightly different, and although it’s the same dress, it constantly changes, and the free form movement of the paper, wires and ribbon is fully felt in Bannister's video where a lot of CGI work has gone into it. We will be showing the video on DazedDigital as soon as it is fully soundtracked.

Boudicca's display will be on in Matches Notting Hill until September 15 and then move onto the Wimbledon store.

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