Panos Yiapanis

Text by Luke Raymond

The dark, lace and leather aesthetic - think studs a la Prada, leather bondage at Givenchy - that has manouevered its way into every menswear editorial in recent memory, can possibly be traced back to one person; Panos Yiapanis.

Stylist for Givenchy, Rick Owens and Courtney Love and contributor to a heady mix of publications. His work, at once luxurious, overwhelmingly textural and yet hard edged, unites subcultures - from punks to rockers - and high fashion.

I envy the wealth of his own pieces that he has at his fingertips; a chain mail and leather jacket here, some rose petal leggings there. I've been experiencing a slight style lull of late and though I can categorically say that I will not be painstakingly glueing rose petals onto leggings, I will be drawing inspiration from Panos's styling. I'm going to tone down my floral jeans, the subject of literal jaw-dropping glances on the tube, with layers of black in different textures.

So thank you Panos from releasing me from style stasis and, if those petal leggings are still floating around, I'll happily take them off your hands.

Panos Yiapanis

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