Now I know I love LEW

Text by Vicki Loomes

The ever-observant Emily alerted me to the Dutch label LEW, and I instantly fell in love with their wearable, laid-back tailoring, good-enough-to-eat colour palette and fabulous lookbooks (click click click on their website to see them).

The SS10 collection, which the duo presented during Amsterdam Fashion Week last weekend did not disappoint. Building on the pastel shades of the LEWlight collection, the SS10 collection was a ‘personal reaction…inspired by their own reality’. A clever re-interpretation of pixelated digital prints, which seem to have been doing the rounds for some time now, clashed subtle shades of nude and orange, which really shouldn’t work…but somehow did.

The delicate gold jewellery pieces are another highlight, adding intricate and edgy details to fluid vests and boxy blazers. I’m also feeling rather inspired by the Veronica Lake style curls and orange lipstick, reminiscent of Kim Basinger in the classic L.A Confidential. Time to dig out the rollers methinks.




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