Love Carpetlay

Text by Luke Raymond

In her latest collection, stocked at Not Just A Label, Adel Kovacs rebuffs traditional methods of presentation as she presents her pieces on models, perhaps expectedly given her apparent love for floor coverings, lay flat.

An art project conceived in her mind, Adel credits the way in which garment fastenings create bizarre textures in human hair as her inspiration. Her knits and printed pieces are perhaps the most literal interpretation of such inspiration, and I love the way in which the clothes themselves, when lay flat, create their own patterns and silhouettes upon less human based carpets.

A desire to mesh "phony and high quality" and turn the "fancy" impulses of fashion on its head, the neutral palette and exquisite cuts of Adel's collection achieve just that - work innovative in presentation, conception and execution.

Love Carpet

Love Carpet

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  1. congrats! that's cool!
    that's right: innovative in presentation, conception and execution!

    keep it up! :)