Juun.J "Contrast" A/W 2009/2010 collection

This collection's theme is "Contrast".
It means the ultimate contrast.
You will find classic items like trench coat, classic jacket, and shirts turned into military poncho, rider jackets transformed differently, and applications of 80th & early 90th women's silhouettes into men's wear.
The most interesting part of this collection is the contrast of silhouettes, the contrast of gender, and more.

Especially, this season Juun.J was inspired by Grace Jones.
Juun has shown outrageous contrast of 80th women's silhouettes like the oversize perfecto jacket, plenty hood, and very skinny pants etc.
Also the trench coat, which is the trade mark of Juun, was transformed into military poncho. But not only trench coat, but has transformed jacket, shirts, turtle necks into a full poncho.

One more thing is, you will see the uneven construct patterns in jackets, in the front part of the coat, and below leather perfecto jackets, etc which is Juun.J's special skills.
This season, Juun.J didn't stop his work on creating classical items into new items.
Just like the theme of the collection "Contrast", he has not forgotten to mix the fabrics like tweed with very classic fabrics and futuristic fabrics like plastic too.

© by JUUN J.

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