John Lawrence Sullivan

Text by Luke Raymond

I have never devoted a sufficient amount of time to Japan Fashion Week and I have to shamefacedly admit that in it completely passed me by in March. Whether this is due to my head being permanently buried in some form of dissertation related literature I don't know, but shame on me, as it has taken me until now to unearth John Lawrence Sullivan.

Created back in 2003 by Arashi Yanagawa, a former boxer with no professional fashion training, and named after the nineteenth century American bare knuckle boxer, Yanagawa's Autumn/Winter 09 collection packed quite the sartorial punch.

Inspired by British style and Savile Row, the collection was a near distillation of my favourite features of current menswear. Impeccably cut suits were layered beneath oversized padded coats and topped off by space age baseball caps. High waisted trousers were tucked in socks, knits were textural with geometric patterns, and Yanagawa presented a welcome respite from the dearth of blacks and greys on the A/W runways with lashings of colour; Greens, violets, golds and reds. And there were capes.

So thank you John Lawrence Sullivan, for giving me a memorable clout which will ensure that I never again choose literature over Japan Fashion Week.

John Lawrence Sullivan

John Lawrence Sullivan
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