London College of Fashion BA Show 2009

Text by Catherine Kinsella Photography by Holly Falconer

Entering the second leg of shows from the University of the Arts last night, it was the turn of London College of Fashion’s bright young things to sparkle. And they did, the notable stand outs were Alicija Aputyte with her architecture inspired laser cut dresses, where leather is commonly being laser cut at the minute, Alicija laser cut pastel shades in soft and feminine fabrics, creating incredibly delicate pieces.

One of my faves was Katja Guenther, her collection didn’t initially grip me until her tye dyed latex pieces came rolling out. They remind me of my art school experiments of dropping coloured inks in water and taking photographs of the ink moving through. Alex Rosenwald delivered a collection with a real urban, utilitarian feel, creating a couture sportswear look. Alex gave us a dramatic finale with a huge billowing silk train. Other memorable moments came from Wun Ting Cecilia, Anna Legacy and Irene Brandt.

Menswear wise Cherry May De La Cruz and Asger Juel Larsens came up with some great pieces, Asgers collection made me bold upright in my seat, he opened with a chain mail top, his colour pallet of grey black and silver came in many textures from sheer black to faded metallic silver and shiny black patent.

Our winners of the evening were Alicija Aputyte, Alex Rosenwald and Helen Wong.

Catwalk shots from the top:
1. L to R - Alice Morton, Anna Legay and Natsumi Zama
2. L to R - On Ying Lai and Hoi Lam Wong
3. L to R - Bahar Alipour and Irene Brandt
4. L to R - (top) Seungwoo Lee, Annick Littlewood and Katja Guenther (bottom) Isabelle Bundi and Alex Rosenwald
5. L to R - Asger Juel Larsen

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