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Cameron Mesirow from California-based trippy duo gives her recommendations.

Text by Martina Randles


…three new bandsI have to recommend three LA-based bands because there's a lot of really good stuff happening here and the rest of the world needs to know.

John Webster Johns is an ever-changing project that my friend Jack has. He writes many very short pieces for a small army of musicians, including sometimes three saxophone players and a bassoon. It's dark and wonderful.

Hecuba is a performance art band project comprised of my friends Isabelle and John and I have enjoyed their live shows for a long time now, only to find that their new record (out on Manimal Vinyl) is just as good.

Fool's Gold is a really fun 12-piece band that have taken LA by tropical storm. It's made up of great musicians from various great LA bands, like Foreign Born, Big Search, Luke Top (who sings in Hebrew for Fool's Gold), In Waves, Yellow Star/Erica Garcia, and probably more. Lots of percussion, lots of guitars, lots of dancing and lots of fun.

…three old bands
Human Sexual Response was an art rock/new wave band that my mother was in from the late 70s to the early 80s. They put out two records, "Figure 14" and "In A Roman Mood" (both on Passport Records) the latter of which is my favorite but did not receive as much attention. There was a huge emphasis on sexuality as the name suggests, but basically this was a bunch of truly poetic and creative people who had a total blast together making art. They are putting out a DVD soon of some live footage and there are rumors of a reunion.

Since she is continually an inspiration for me to write and create, I have to mention Kate Bush. What a stroke of genius and luck that David Gilmore would be acquainted with someone like this and that EMI would go for it and that the world would accept her for the most part for the rebel and artist that she is.

Tehillim is an early 80s work by the composer Steve Reich, which I always come back to for ideas. It feels fresh and ancient at the same time.

…a record label
I'm very proud to be a part of my friend Dean's label True Panther Sounds. I have always known that he was going to do great things, and I feel honored to share my work with him.

…a website
My new bandmate Charlie introduced me to this blog, which is written by a guy named Scott Soriano, who apparently just combs bargain record bins and posts his favorite obscure finds. Brilliant!

…a film
I have been obsessively watching a particular scene in the Jim Henson film The Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connolly. It's a moment far into the film and the journey when time is interrupted by a drugged apricot and several floating crystal balls. The main character Sarah, played by Connolly, gets dosed and slips into a tense psychedelic fantasy masquerade ball where she's seduced momentarily by her nemesis, the goblin king. The costumes are incredible the song "As The World Falls Down" is perfect. I love everything Jim Henson ever did and this sticks out as a particularly poetic and mature scene in a movie meant for children.

…a book
Moby Dick. If you can, get through this book. I think it's worth it.

…something on YouTube
This is a Tibetan song that I keep getting in my head:

…a radio show
Cool Places on East Village Radio is a great world music show. Check it.

…something to do on a day off
I'm not going to tell you what I do on my day off because then it'll catch on like wildfire and it won't be relaxing for me anymore. Go for a walk.

…somewhere to eat
Farmer's market.

…a song everyone should hear'You Are Here' by John Lennon. Perfect.

Glasser's 'Apply' EP is out now on True Panther Sounds May 26th on 12" vinyl and digitally. The artwork, which is handmade and silkscreened assembly was designed by Tauba Auerbach.

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