Text by John-Michael O'Sullivan

There are some designers that seem to float under the radar a little bit - like Gideon Tam, whose knitwear I came across in Soho’s Closet Case last week. Tam’s label, Placed by Gideon, has been around since 2006, with his latest collection winning best menswear award at Berlin’s Premium showcase.

While I’m still recovering from a childhood scarred by hand-me-down Aran jumpers and 70’s macramé scarves, these slouchy, deconstructed knits could easily convert me back, with their contoured shapes, and quirky texture contrasts. Tam’s tweaking of classic patterns and textures - Aran patterns slashed into strips, soft shapes stiffened with electrical wire, or woven metallic panels streaking through a simple black sweater - still manages to feel effortless and fresh. Maybe it’s time to get my needles out. .

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