Jan iú Més (Barcelona)

A self taught menswear label in Barcelona that designs without a muse in mind, starting always with fabric and form.

Jan Zamoro Royo and Alfonso Pena carreras are the designers behind Jan iú Més, a menswear label based in Barcelona. Their work process is derived from rational and mathematic calculation yet the results is are clothes infused with a hard romance. The A/W 09 collection is an explorative and isolated journey through textures like wool, tweeds, alpaca and hand-knits.

Were you interested in fashion when you were growing up?
Sincerely, we weren’t interested in fashion design as children. Although, each of us encountered it at home in one way or another. At university we studied (Jan) Fashion Styling and (Alfonso) Graphic Design, as opposed to fashion design, so we are self-taught. This is a good thing, as it gives us a different angle.

What was your favourite outfit from your youth?
All we wore were jeans and t-shirts.

With all of the press interest in your collection what are your plans now?
The press interest is great we hope to gain more attention and for our work to reach more people.

What is your dream job?
This work is our dream, however its not always easy being a fashion designer.

Who are your favourite designers and why?
Rick Owens, Giuliano Fujiwara or Raf Simons. They make collections for the modern and contemporary man. We really like their work.

When you design - whom do you have in mind? Who would you like to see wearing your clothes?
When we design a collection, we imagine some silhouettes, forms, colors, fabrics... but almost never with a particular person. Maybe the type of man, with a special sensitivity or attitude .

Can we buy your collection anywhere? If so, where?
For now only in Spain, we have had interest from Europe and Japan and we hope for our clothes to reach a wider audience next season.

Are you involved in any outside projects in other fields?
Right now we are completely absorbed in our own work, in the future we would like to be involved with interior design and architecture.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
We don’t know where we will be in 10 years, but we hope to continue enjoying our work.

What are your plans for the future/next season?
We have some plans, but it's better we don't tell them yet.

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