Here are family portraits of 17 menswear designers and the models...make an quick overview of this years spring/summer 2009 looks.

Photography by JD Ferguson

GIORGIO ARMANI: "My collection was inspired by modern India and its vibrant colors. It features a delicate color palette with brighter oriental tones, interpreted in my signature style."

VERSACE: "Next season, it`s all about putting on your best to show the world that you are doing just fine - formal, but with an informal attitude. Men should interpret formality with an open mind, without boxing themselves in to the dictionary definition." - Donatella Versace

CALVIN KLEIN: "This collection can easily be summed up as graphic, bold, modern, and very American." - Italo Zucchelli

SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: "The inspiration for my Spring collection was opulent, sophisticated India: where neutral hues explode in an infinite variety of tones and shades, and color is unexpected, like saris in the desert. The imperceptible is a key and luxurious standout: embroidery gold-wire motifs and exquisite ruffles on silk shirt fronts." - Massimiliano Giornetti

GIVENCHY by Riccardo Tisci: "My man has the soul of a bad boy, juste like my woman. He`s Latin-aristocratic and gothic-romantic, but wild. He is a man who is so confident with his masculinity that he can comfortably play with his femininity."

LANVIN: "This collection is about emotional clothes, elastic tailoring, layering, and movement.” –Lucas Ossendrijver

HUGO: “I took inspiration from the modern-classic looks of the German Bauhaus school—clean lines, simple shapes, and innovative detailsand materials.” – Bruno Pieters

KRIS VAN ASCHE: “The Spring/Summer 2009 collection revolves around the idea of wearing a suit to the beach; I imagined how surfers would wear a suit. I continue to play with the idea of using classic menswear elements and making them relevant and wearable for today’s sportswear generation.”

ALEXANDER McQUEEN: “I wanted to refashion the traditional male silhouette by combining tailoring and color-blocking to produce a modern, sleek aes-thetic. Metallics, jacquards, and toning create an optical illusion on the runway, fusing contrasts and opposites to create a dynamic and fresh masculine shape.”

BOTTEGA VENETA: “The collection is designed with an individual in mind. We used a different model for each look to underline this point, and to inspire a unique approach to dressing.” –Tomas Maier

PAUL & JOE: “The collection is about a modern sailor who leaves Britanny and lands in Australia. During this long trip over the seas, he completes his wardrobe by combining the various influences of each place he visits.” – Sophie Albou

DSQUARED: “We went back to the roots of hip-hop and the fabulous ’70s. The models are dressed in true b-boy style: nylon shorts, track pants, and hip-hop bling layered over polos and tank tops. It’s casual and classic, combined with three-piece suits and tuxedo jackets enriched with flashy metal chains.” – Dean and Dan Caten

GUCCI: “While designing the Spring 2009 men’s collection, the band MGMT’s music and irreverent style provided a synergy for the tropical, freestyle approach to dressing that I wanted.” – Frida Giannin

PAUL SMITH: “It’s all about English cricket, rock, Mick Jagger, and a new silhouette: narrow shoulders, soft volume, and front-pleated trousers pulled in at the waist.”

MISSONI: “This Spring collection evokes the beautiful creatures of Saint Tropez and the Mediterranean coast, and images of Alain Delon from La Piscine. While fresh with hints of humor and irony, the collection still has handmade and artisanal elements, which make it very precious to me.” – Angela Missoni

BELSTAFF: “The Belstaff Spring/Summer 2009 collection celebrates the modern-day global traveler. It’s elegant, in the way a person of great culture is elegant, combining traditionalstyles with innovative fabrics, often with a cosmopolitan touch.” – Michelle Malenotti

FENDI: “The collection is about generic folk, coming from elsewhere, navigating all cultures.” – Silvia Fendi

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